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Hygiene Best Practices to Keep You Healthy

July 20, 2020 | Wellness

You come into contact with millions of germs every single day that can make you sick. Germs and bacteria can be found everywhere, and as you age, you become more susceptible to them.

As the fall season’s colds, flus and viruses approach, you’ll want to make sure you’re proactive and prepared with good immune health.

Practicing and maintaining good personal hygiene can help you care for your body, boost your immune system and help protect you from diseases. Keep reading to learn different ways you can practice good personal hygiene in your everyday routine.

5 Ways to Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

There are many simple, effective ways you can be proactive about staying healthy during the spread of diseases like the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Incorporating the following personal hygiene tips into your daily life can help you reduce your chances of becoming ill and help provide peace of mind.

  1. Wash Your Hands. This might be the simplest way you can practice good personal hygiene every day. Washing your hands multiple times a day with soap and warm water can help decrease your chances of contracting bacteria and germs. Keep in mind that germs are able to live on surfaces for several hours at a time, so make sure you’re frequently washing your hands after touching any surfaces that haven’t been cleaned. You can also carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you to keep your hands clean when you’re unable to get to a sink.
  2. Avoid Crowded Places. When you avoid places with large amounts of people, you are also avoiding an excessive number of germs that can get you sick. Of course, you can’t always keep away from crowds at places like the grocery store. Wearing face masks and using hand sanitizer in public can help you ward off pesky bacteria and germs.
  3. Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face. You should never make a habit of touching your face, nose, eyes or mouth. This is a very easy way to spread germs directly into your respiratory system, which in turn causes you to become ill. Try your best to avoid touching your face, and if you do need to touch your face, use a tissue to avoid spreading germs.
  4. Actively Boost Your Immune System. Actively boosting your immune system is a good habit to do year round, but is especially important during cold and flu season. A simple way you can improve your immune system is by increasing your intake of foods with high levels of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body fight off the flu virus before it attacks and can even help reduce cold and flu symptoms.
  5. Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep. Regularly sleeping for 8 to 10 hours a night is great for your body and for your immune system. Developing a normal sleeping pattern can help you feel refreshed each day and allow your body to function properly. When you don’t sleep well, it can compromise your body’s natural defenses and your immune system.

How to Maintain Good Hygiene in Your Home

In addition to practicing good personal hygiene, you should also pay attention to maintaining a healthy level of hygiene at home:

  • Wipe down areas with disinfectant cleaner in your home and clean them often to reduce the spread of germs.
  • Make sure to sanitize your mobile devices by using sanitizing and disinfecting wipes.
  • Heavily clean frequently touched areas in your home like countertops, light switches and doorknobs.

In general, try to regularly clean your home with disinfectant to help reduce the spread of germs in your home and give you peace of mind.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle at CC Young

At CC Young, we offer you an independent lifestyle that can help you stay healthy and remain active for longer. Our beautiful community is the perfect place for you to discover the best version of yourself through cultural growth and an enhanced quality of life.

In this unprecedented time, we have taken the necessary precautions to keep all of our residents healthy and our community safe. For more information about our senior living community, amenities and services, and resident lifestyle, contact us today at 214-817-0489.

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