Introducing: PATHWAYS

Personal Assistance Toward Health & Wellness As You Succeed!

Our PATHWAYS program is designed for individuals with declining cognition who need a little extra assistance along the way.  As a bridge between Assisted Living and Memory Support, our dedicated staff provides that extra support and activity for someone who needs assistance, but may not be ready for full memory support in a secured environment.

CC Young is focused on whole-person wellness, using the 7 Pillars of Wellness as defined by the International Council on Active Aging:  physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, vocational and environmental wellness.  These components are the backbone of active aging regardless of cognitive issues.  From these pillars we have designed a comprehensive therapeutic program to support the needs of those with mild cognitive impairment in a joyful, engaging environment.

PATHWAYS provides not only physical support, but also emotional support to combat self-imposed isolation which can happen when cognitive decline begins. Research has shown that a guided program can slow decline and help individuals maintain engagement and function.

PATHWAYS residents live in Hillside, our Assisted Living community, while participating in structured activities designed to help maintain cognitive function while lessening apathy.  The program is 7-days-a-week with dedicated, trained staff supporting a small group of PATHWAYS residents.