Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are available to me should I choose to move in?

There are so many. And they change and grow. To get a snapshot of our activities, download our calendar of events.

What does my monthly service fee cover?

Dining allowance, residential maintenance, utilities (water and electric), housekeeping, evening courtesy officer, activities, scheduled transportation, urgent call system and motion detector for daily "check-in" program.

What about TV & Technology?

We provide a discounted media package, which includes local and long distance phone, wired and Wi-Fi Internet, and premium cable TV as well as technology support. We also offer technology classes for seniors at The Point Click for details.

What dining options are included?

We have a variety of dining options available on campus. Every building has its own dining room. The Asbury is open for breakfast and lunch with restaurant-style service. The Overlook has two options, with Conley’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is complimentary and continental style. Lunch and dinner are restaurant style. 4833 is our fine dining steak house open for dinner only, Thursday thru Saturday. The Thomas building is open for lunch only and service is cafeteria style. The Café at the Point is open seven days a week for snacking, light meals and beverages.

Is transportation provided?

We now offer trips up to 19 miles, each way, at no cost. Please call 214-841-2988 for additional transportation trip information and scheduling.

What is an entrance fee? Is that my only option?

Many non-profit communities collect entrance fees. There are multiple reasons for this. The two most important are: they help initially finance new community projects and improvements, and they help reduce overall monthly fees. We collect entrance fees for The Asbury and The Overlook. A percentage of that fee is refunded back to you as a resident (or to your estate) upon re-occupancy of the apartment. Our third Independent Living building, The Thomas, is rental only and has no entrance fee. We are committed to offering residential choices and an entry price for nearly every budget.

Should I be concerned about my parent’s security and well-being?

We provide a 24-hour urgent call system, and professional healthcare providers are a call away. Help, if needed, is never far away. We also offer an evening courtesy officer on campus.

How do you help my loved one feel at home?

Home is a reflection of the people who live there. From the pictures on the walls, to the furniture and lamps, to those one-of-a-kind treasured mementos collected over a lifetime — home is personal. You can be assured when your loved one moves into CC Young, they are home! They bring with them their furniture and accessories to make their space their own. Their personal touches are unmistakable and bring great comfort. Some say it’s never easy to move from your existing home to someplace new. Then once here, they say, “Why did I wait so long?” The staff and residents at CC Young go the extra mile to make your parent or loved one feel at home quickly — in a safe, secure environment that is totally focused on your parent’s well-being and quality of life.

Where is The Campus Clinic located?

The Campus Clinic will relocate to new offices in the Vista as soon a space is ready. Until that time, the offices are at the first floor of The Hillside.

What if I still have more questions?

We’re ready to help you discuss options with your parent or loved one. We can afford you access to what may be the best resource of all — seniors and their family members who have already made the decision to choose CC Young. Simply contact us for more information.