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At CC Young, you will meet welcoming neighbors who quickly become friends. You will encounter a wealth of lifestyle, cultural, educational and wellness amenities. You will find yourself in an ideal location near beautiful White Rock Lake in East Dallas. You will discover worry-free living, comfort and variety, with a range of living options and services, including:

As a non-profit, faith-based organization, we place the concerns of our residents first. Learn more about the advantages of choosing CC Young for your retirement. You will find a legacy of rich history and dedication to helping seniors enjoy an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

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Our Mission

To foster premier environments where every life at every stage is valued and enriched.

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Our Vision

To enhance the quality of life for all we serve.

Our Culture

“Culture is what people do when no one is looking.” Herb Kelleher, former CEO Southwest Airline

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Our faith guides us to see every person as a child of God. With uncommon commitment, we are motivated to follow these culture concepts and to serve with excellence, kindness, respect, integrity, and tolerance.

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Residents First

  • We provide excellent customer service with a hospitality mentality
  • We provide compassionate care
  • We are fully committed to resident safety
  • We have an unwavering commitment to resident safety
  • We create wellness opportunities & life-enriching experiences
  • We build relationships through active listening and conversation
  • We smile and are helpful
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Supportive Workplace

  • We offer regular feedback, training, and development
  • We work together for success and encourage one another’s efforts
  • We promote open communication
  • We believe each team member matters
  • We prioritize employee safety
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Compassionate Profitability

  • We make a profit to continue our mission
  • We wisely manage resident and donor funds
  • We reinvest profits in team member development and facilities
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Personal Accountability

  • I complete my tasks & responsibilities
  • I hold my team members accountable
  • I find solutions to problems and say “It IS my job”
  • When I see something, I do something – or find someone to help
  • I am proactive with a sense of urgency
  • I use common sense by thinking before I act
  • I provide consistent service and hospitality
  • I accept change and embrace technology
  • I embrace a smoke- and drug-free work environment

We are a non-profit, focusing on what matters.

When choosing your retirement community, there are many factors to consider. We believe chief among these is the operational status that drives the community. At CC Young, we are non-profit. That means we are able to deliver many advantages that for-profit retirement providers may not or cannot provide.


Non-profit, faith-based organizations like CC Young have a shared ministry to care for seniors. We are mission and vision-driven with a focus on quality. At CC Young, our growth and stability are evidenced by our almost 100 year history. We are continuously assessing ongoing improvement. We practice compassionate profitability so we can achieve longevity and continue to develop programming and amenities for our residents.

Our continuum of care and off-campus services enable everyone to access the quality services they need, when they need them. All of these services are provided with person-directed care, respecting the needs and desires of the individual.


As a non-profit, everything we do is for the benefit of our residents and our community.


We are overseen by a board of directors who share our mission of enriching the lives of those we serve. Board members are volunteers who serve with no expectation of financial gain.


We invest all revenues to further our mission of service. That means reinvesting in our community.

Our true bottom line is not about annual profits. It’s about the impact we make on enriching the lives of our residents.

CC Young is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that adheres to a non-sectarian, equal housing policy and welcomes and respects all faiths.