Hear What People Are Saying About CC Young

At CC Young we’re constantly transforming our campus to provide you with the highest quality retirement experience possible. But don’t take our word for it –view resident testimonials below to get a sense of what life is like at CC Young.

Arch and Ann Beasley with Simba

Resident since 2019

Extremely happy to be here. The residents here are wonderful. The care is wonderful. We enjoy living here. It’s just a very caring place.

Sarah Franklin

Resident Since 2017

Very important for me to live in a place of natural beauty. With 22 acres and the shores of White Rock Lake, it does not feel like I am in the big city.

Kathy Rauscher

Resident Since 2017

We are like family. The grounds are really pretty I would suggest anyone to come live here.

Anita Hullum

Resident Since 2012

When I came here it was like I was born again. I am happier than I have ever been. I don’t have the responsibilities or the worries. It is a remarkable place.

Judith Barnes

Resident Since 2013

There are plenty of things to do, and the staff is great. Even with the virus, they have had many many activities. At the end of the day we say we are blessed.

Roger and Jill Picket

Resident since 2019

It was time for us to move on and we’ve never looked back

Harry Mason

Resident Since 2020

My wife and I live here at CC Young. We looked at several other senior living facilities before deciding to move here. We’ve been living here for about five months. We really like our apartment; we have a really good view of White Rock Lake. The staff did a terrific job of getting our apartment ready and assisting us when moving in. The staff and residents have all been extremely nice to us. We couldn’t ask for better treatment. We are very pleased with our decision to move to CC Young.

Karola Hustis

Resident since 2017

I have greatly enjoyed being a resident. I think the staff is wonderful and I think the other residents are warm and very accepting. I don’t think any other institution could’ve given us better care than the care we’ve had in these very difficult times of the pandemic.

Jay Orr

Resident since 2017

The best thing I’ve done in my life was move to CC Young. There are so many wonderful people in this facility that are loving, caring and all around really great folks. With the great staff and residents, I couldn’t have found a better place to live.

Sarah Franklin & Jay Orr

Current CC Young Residents

I’ve lived at The Overlook at CC Young for two and a half years. Jay and I find a lot of activities to do together and to do separately as well. We have a lot of things in common and we enjoy the activities here. CC Young has been a blessing in my life and we’re happy to be here.

Martha Bonilla and Jennifer Griffin

Sales Counselor and VP of Engagement

Listen first hand from our campus cheerleaders about all the amazing activities that you can participate in as a resident of CC Young.

Barry and Janet Stetson

Assisted Living resident

Listen to one of our Assisted Living Residents on she chose to live at CC Young.