CC Young Reviews

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My husband was a patient at CC Young. Our experience was awesome!! The care he received was great!! Everyone working in this facility that we encountered was professional and caring. My only regret is that I don’t have cards to distribute. I’ve told my veterinarian about how wonderful this facility is. Keep up the good work!

Beverly Howard

The care given my Mom at CC Young is a WONDERFUL BLESSING! She has spent time at The Cove (memory care), Lawther Point West (rehab), and mostly Lawther Point East (Health Center). The nurses, doctors, techs, housekeeping, and food service all work very well together. They all seem called to serve those with great needs and love them well. Mom loves the food, the care, and the activities. I am so thankful that we chose CC Young 5+ years ago!

Dave Lyons

We have a team of employees from Southwest Airlines that visits C.C. Young often to volunteer our time. Everyone that we have met has been so kind and so caring to us. The residents seem so happy and tell us often how much they love living there. They let us know how nice all of the staff is. Every time that we visit C.C. Young, we ALWAYS feel so good and are excited to go back. WE love the residents and the staff!! It has been a joy to work with Shannon Critchlow in coordinating our visits to C.C. Young!

Evelyn Johnson

My Mother has been in fulltime care at CC Young in Dallas, Texas for almost 4 years. She recently celebrated her 102nd birthday and was able to do so because the people at CC Young kept her safe during Covid with strict protocols.

She began living at CC Young in independent living with her own apartment in 2011 and she loved her life there. When her health changed, CC Young had the right facilities for her level of care needs.

The nurses and staff are very caring and attentive and address Mom by name. She participates in all the activities offered.

Her family is happy with the quarterly health updates we get from the nursing staff. Life is good for Mom – the only thing that matters.

Alexandra Cameron

I’ve been in this industry for many years and have worked in many different buildings. As a third party vendor I was given the opportunity to come to CC Young for a temporary job while waiting for a job closer to home to open up. After spending a month on the job I realized there was something different about CCY. The culture of CCY is the opposite of anywhere I had worked. The heart of CCY is do what’s best for the patient. Decisions are made with that in mind. Unfortunately in this industry that isn’t normal. I later had the opportunity to to be hired on as part of the team and what originally seemed like a long commute became worth it to be a part of what is happening at CCY. I hope that you get the chance to spend enough time at CCY to experience what makes them different.

Jeremy Morgan

I really appreciate how they care for my grandparents. My grandmother moved in a few months ago, and she feels very welcomed and very well cared for. She feel one day and got minor injuries. The staff called us and told us they were on it.

Jack Jones

Beautiful setting. Our Girl Scout troop has utilized one of their conference rooms for our monthly troop meetings for years. We have always found the facility clean and the staff extremely welcoming. A wonderful experience, too, for our young girls to spend some time amongst senior residents.

Tania Loenneker

I have been going to CCY Young, The Point for many years. I have attended lectures, book reviews, entered the Art and writing contests, was in the Shepherd Group for sometime until it disbanded. I miss this so much. It was a social gathering with entertainment and socializing that was very popular. I hope it returns some day. I have met some wonderful managers and directors and other staff. Kevin is so wonderful and welcoming. I have met my friends there for lunch from the deli(low prices, great food) many times before the Friday movies with popcorn. We even get water bottles and blankets if we are cold. It has been a lifesaver for me. I am retired and getting out and making friends was important to me. I plan to enroll In other classes as they come up and I love the ambience. So serene. Everyone I meet is very friendly, both residents and visitors. This summer I plan to attend all the movies shown every Friday m, unless I go out of town. They are free to the public. Check them out.

Mary Brereton

Honestly, I consider C.C Young, best in class! My mother suffered a devastating debilitating stroke last year and as a family the only next move was to find a facility that could provide the best relatively affordable rehab and overall long term care in the Dallas area and hope for the best. On a side note, CCY also has a fund, I’m not sure how generous for those who can’t afford. After much research and countless visits to senior facilities my brother and I drove into the sprawling campus of C.C. Young and met with Senior Living Counselor Rita, fantastic person, and once on foot everything clicked. We met friendly caring nurses and especially nurses aides that must be some of the best in Dallas. Note: Nurses aides are the people that will spend the most time caring for your parents (residents), these aides are often some of the lowest paid employees in this industry, earning slightly above minimum wage so I must assume C.C. Young pays them more and they deserve much more or they are just Saints I guess! The patient to nurse ration was as high as any facility we’d been to. This facility is a non-profit, and we didn’t get the hard sell, it’s methodist run but essentially non-denominational. My mom has been here for many months, she is getting excellent nursing care, and our family is kept frequently updated.


An extremely well kept facility and the staff are wonderful with my family member. The food is also very good, and there are several options.

Sean Moore

We have pruned and cared for the trees at CC Young as a sub-contractor for Bill Dunlop Lawn Services. We all love the culture, environment and friendly staff. The Management appear to be involved in every detail, ensuring the highest level of care for the residents. I love the great vibes I get every time I’m there.

Julie Odum

Thank you Brian for bringing DJ Jackson to The Point to display her art and hosting a reception to meet her. Her faith in Jehovah God is shown in her paintings and her professional video of Israel made her paintings jump off of the canvas. She is a generous artist who gave us her photo book telling of her adventure to Israel. She signed our book and took time to visit with each one at the reception.
I can count on The Point having interesting programs and the gallery filled with beautiful art work.

Nancy Roberts

I’ve worked at C. C. Young for five years. The campus is beautiful and we have excellent amenities. No place is ever completely perfect but I can say from experience that the staff here genuinely cares about our residents and does everything they can to keep them safe, healthy and happy.

Christine Miller Hinrichsen

Every day, I’m amazed by our team and our amazing residents. It is an honor to work at CC Young and fulfill a calling to serve!

Jennifer Griffin

My brother stayed at this new facility over a month ago while recovering from HEART SURGERY. WE were very pleased with his EXCELLENT CARE received from the Medical Staff & informative materials from Administration during his stay. Please continue blessing OTHERS in such a Special way!

Sis. G.

The A Cappella Ensemble from Grace Bible Church in Dallas, would like to “sing the praises” for CC Young and the terrific experience we have of being allowed to sing to the residents. Shannon Critchlow, Manager of Volunteer & Transportation Experience makes our experience with the residents absolutely amazing. She is such an encouragement to volunteers because of her outstanding loyalty and love for the residents, always putting them first in everything she does. Volunteering to sing there is a wonderful experience. You will always be greeted with gusto and exuberance from Ms. Critchlow. CC Young is very special. Thank you to the residents of The Blanton for making it fun for us as well.

Eugene Suchey

CC Young is a fabulous place to live and work! When you arrive on campus you feel instantly welcomed! You cannot pass anyone without them saying hello. There are a multitude of events and activities to meet everyone’s lifestyle. Go by and check them out. You will love CC Young and want it to be your forever home.

Nena Paris

Having experienced many touchpoints over the years and now working at CC Young, I find it uplifting and inspirational in how both residents and employees are valued and respected. Transparent communication is also a plus. Great community!

Annette Lentz

C.C. Young is a quality organization that provides excellent service and care to residents and clients. They are nice, kind people and I would definitely entrust them with the care of my family.

John Hundley

I love working here for cc young. We do all we can to meet our clients needs and we love caring for our seniors. I most definitely will recommend this place.

Goddess Robinson

This is a beautiful and welcoming place. The staff is friendly and the residents make the place special. It is a great place to come, meet new friends and get involved in many diverse activities.

Charlie Smith

So caring! Everyone seems dedicated to the care of the residents and their families. Best choice I could have made for care of my loved ones.

Wally Bradfield

One of the best employers I have ever worked for. Great culture and environment.

Kevin Wells

This is a beautiful place for my experience with beauty…. artistic structures of Texas.

Huey Lenamond

One of the best nursing facilities I have ever worked for!!!!!!

Joshua Anderson

Started working there and the people are amazing!

Jennifer Vazquez

My parents are happy here and well cared for.

Matt Bishop