Welcome to C. C. Young Senior Living

Welcome to C. C. Young – The Premier Senior Living Facility in Dallas, TX

At C. C. Young, our goal is to provide the best senior living experience in Dallas, TX.

We strive to create life-enriching experiences for our residents to celebrate life every day. Our campus is located on 20 acres near Dallas’ White Rock Lake and offers the following for seniors: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, In & Out-Patient Rehabilitation, Home Healthcare, Home Services, Hospice, Respite Care, and supportive dementia daytime care in our Adult Day Center.

The Vista building is currently under construction and will transform senior care in the fall of 2018 through forward-thinking design, programs and technology.

Additionally, The Point and Pavilion in the heart of our campus offers creative, educational and fitness opportunities for residents and the general public.

Our Community Services program offers Home Healthcare, Home Services and Hospice for other seniors wherever they call home.  

Announcing: The Vista!

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