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Does My Loved One Need Assisted Living?

June 19, 2020 | CC Young General

One of the most difficult tasks we face in life is how we take care of our aging loved ones. It can be very emotionally draining to watch a parent struggle to take care of themselves when they used to be the one taking care of you. If your loved one is finding everyday tasks difficult to complete on their own, you may be forced to decide what the best care solution is for their personal health and well-being.

Fortunately, there are senior living options like assisted living that can help your parent thrive and keep them safe as they age. Assisted living can provide them with a personalized care plan that ensures they receive the care and assistance they require.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is designed for seniors who are still looking to maintain their independent lifestyles but could benefit from having assistance with daily tasks like personal care, home maintenance and health care.

Assisted living communities provide residents with a multifaceted, residential living environment that provides them with personal care services, 24-hour supervision and services that are designed to help them maximize their independence and dignity in a safe environment.

4 Signs Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living

At CC Young, we understand that assisted living can be a difficult decision for both you and your parent. However, this transition can be an exciting and empowering one for your family. It can give your loved one the care they need in a community they love and bring you peace of mind knowing they’re being cared for.

As you’re working with your parent to consider their future care, here are four signs to help you determine if assisted living is the right move:

  1. Financial Issues. If you notice your loved in is struggling to maintain their monthly home expenses, this could be a sign they should move into an assisted living community. Bills can pile up because your parent may not have the motivation to pay them or might not be able to afford them. When your loved one moves into an assisted living community, they would have assistance with making sure their bills are paid on time.
  • Worsening Medical Conditions. Age is oftentimes accompanied with additional health challenges and chronic illnesses. If and when they do develop an illness or health condition, they will require more medical attention and help caring for themselves. Assisted living communities offer the additional daily assistance and health care your parent may need as they age.
  • Increased Isolation. If you notice your loved one is isolating themselves more and showing signs of loneliness and depression, this could be a sign they should consider moving into an assisted living community. When they join a community like CC Young, they will be surrounded by people with similar interests and hobbies and ample opportunities for social interaction.
  • Unkept Household. The cleanliness of your parent’s household could determine whether or not they’re able to live on their own any longer. If your loved one’s ability to do things like vacuum or do the dishes is declining, this could be a sign that they could benefit from a maintenance-free lifestyle in an assisted living community.

Experience Assisted Living at CC Young Senior Living

At CC Young, our assisted living community can provide your parent with the support they need while allowing them to live a confident, independent lifestyle. We are able to address your loved one’s personal needs and make sure they receive a custom care plan that they’re comfortable with.

When your loved one joins our assisted living community, they will have access to things like our urgent care call system, maintenance-free living, medication monitoring and management and much more. Contact us today at to explore our assisted living option and determine if it is the right fit for your loved one.

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