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The story of CC Young.

It’s been with us since our founding in 1922: a deep calling to serve others. This guiding force continues to shape everything we do: how we strive to exceed expectations…how we grow…our character and culture as an organization…how we demonstrate our compassion, understanding, skills and knowledge…how we instill a deep sense of community.

Our past, and the present, show the impact we have on individual lives, on local communities, on families and our team members.

Our history at-a-glance

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The Reverend Christopher Conley Young

A Story of unwavering dedication by CC Young Resident, Don Michel

In the fall of 1917, the Reverend Christopher Conley Young finished his sermon at the Tyler Street Methodist church in Dallas, stepped down to greet new members and met his fate. An elderly woman of 85 who had no money, no relatives, and no place to go, asked,” Can you find me a place to live?”

Reverend Young did some research and found no solution for her or other widowed women of that time. He was so moved by her plight that he resigned his pastorate in 1919, and, with the blessing of the North Texas Conference, for the next few years undertook the task of establishing a home for aged women by securing funds and developing an interest in building a retirement home.

According to the 1921 North Texas Conference Journal, within 2 years, he had raised $75,000 in cash and pledges for The Methodist Retirement Home. His dream was to become a reality! But just as they were about to purchase the land next to Methodist Hospital in Oak Cliff, Christopher Conley Young died on October 18, 1921, at age 44.

The Conference was so moved by his unwavering dedication that they carried out his plans. The Conference honored him by changing the name to “CC Young Memorial Home.” This was the first Methodist facility for the elderly in Texas.

We are a non-profit, focusing on what matters.

When choosing your retirement community, there are many factors to consider. We believe chief among these is the operational status that drives the community. At CC Young, we are non-profit. That means we are able to deliver many advantages that for-profit retirement providers may not or cannot provide.

What does non-profit status really mean?

Non-profit, faith-based organizations like CC Young have a shared ministry to care for seniors. We are mission and vision-driven with a focus on quality. At CC Young, our growth and stability are evidenced by our almost 100 year history. We are continuously assessing ongoing improvement. We practice compassionate profitability so we can achieve longevity and continue to develop programming and amenities for our residents.

Our continuum of care and off-campus services enable everyone to access the quality services they need, when they need them. All of these services are provided with person-directed care, respecting the needs and desires of the individual.

We work for our residents

As a non-profit, everything we do is for the benefit of our residents and our community.


We are overseen by a board of directors who share our mission of enriching the lives of those we serve. Board members are volunteers who serve with no expectation of financial gain.

Financial accountability

We invest all revenues to further our mission of service. That means reinvesting in our community.

Benevolent care

We offer a safety net for residents who have outlived their financial resources. If a resident is approved, our Benevolent Fund provides food, shelter, medications, nursing care and other life-sustaining necessities for residents in need after all other financial avenues have been exhausted.

Our true bottom line is not about annual profits. It’s about the impact we make on enriching the lives of our residents.

CC Young is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that adheres to a non-sectarian, equal housing policy and welcomes and respects all faiths.

Click here for The Benevolent Fund program details.

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