Village Report | July 2024

July 1, 2024 | Jen Griffin, Vice President of Engagement

Jennifer Griffin

by Jen Griffin, Vice President of Engagement

Team CC Young! Our 2024 Wellness Challenge is a huge WIN!

The residents and staff at CC Young have once again proven that age is no barrier to vitality, determination, and community spirit. Our 2024 “Go for the Gold” Wellness Challenge has not only inspired us but has also resulted in an extraordinary achievement that has left everyone in awe.

The walking challenge was initially perceived as daunting, with a collective goal of walking 9.2 million steps, representing a round trip from Dallas, Texas to Paris, France, including a symbolic ascent and descent of the Eiffel Tower – all in honor of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Remarkably, in just the first week, we surpassed this goal by an incredible margin, achieving over 10.2 million combined steps! “High 5” and way to go, Team CC Young! I never dreamed we would accomplish so much so quickly!  Wow – maybe we should have set bigger goals? Have you heard this inspirational phrase? “Shoot for the Moon – even if you miss, you will still hit the stars!”

Speaking for myself and my peers, the Wellness Challenge has done the most important thing for me. That is, it has made me more consciously aware of my wellness and efforts to stay grounded and healthy. If that was all the challenge did, then that would still be a win. But, people are actually in action! That’s even a bigger win!

Here are the statistics for Week 1  of our walking challenge on campus :

I am grateful for the wave of wave of participation and enthusiasm that has carried us beyond our wildest expectations. The success of the challenge goes beyond the impressive step count; it has strengthened bonds, fostered a collective positive attitude towards wellness, and inspired a newfound commitment to living better longer. The challenge has not only motivated individuals to move more but also to connect more meaningfully with one another, creating a supportive and uplifting environment.

Our “Go for the Gold” Wellness Challenge has proven to be more than just a physical activity goal. It has become a symbol of what we can achieve when we come together with a shared purpose. As we continue to celebrate our achievements, we are reminded that this is just the beginning. The spirit of the challenge will continue to inspire us as we strive for even greater heights in our on going wellness journey.

Here’s to living better, longer, and going for the gold!

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