The Best Investment in Life is Community

March 1, 2024 | Laura Coker, Senior Director of Development

by Laura Coker, Senior Director of Development

“I can do most anything, but it’s God who makes it possible” is a motto Anita Hullum, CC Young resident, has come to live by. Anita excelled in every endeavor she did whether it was ranching, entrepreneurship, counseling, art, or advocacy. Growing up in a man’s world on a ranch in East Texas, Anita learned business early on. Seeing her enormous potential, her father pushed her to attend college and obtain a degree from Texas State Teachers College (now known as the University of North Texas).

Throughout her career, Anita overcame barriers as a woman in the business world and proved herself to be trustworthy and competent. She played a crucial role in saving the Charles Seay Company from an audit by updating their books and records, which led later to her career with E.F. Hutton.

Although she and her husband ran a successful oil company, a bad investment led to the collapse of their business and marriage. Anita saw this as a turning point in her life. It’s the point she found God and relied on Him to guide her through it.

“It’s God that brought me back to a place where I had to rely on him. Setbacks, alcohol, and failures flipped my life from being a taker to a giver and I am so grateful for it,” Anita said.

At age 54, Anita pursued a master’s degree in counseling from Southern Methodist University and opened a private practice in Snyder Plaza with a focus on marriage, family, and substance abuse. Her practice evolved into the field of employee assistance, helping troubled employees get proper help whatever their problem might be, i.e. financial, health, family, or substance abuse, Anita’s vision was to help others become the best version of themselves. It’s something that still has a big impact on her today.

At 99 years old, Anita is now a 12-year resident and advocate of CC Young. She never planned to move from her home, but God had other plans. After a fall in 2010, she was admitted to rehab at CC Young. While it was a challenging time in her life, it was the intentional care she received that made her make the move.

“CC Young allowed me to participate. They saw me as a person, they valued my interests, concerns, and ideas. At CC Young, I do not have to be in charge. I can enjoy life,” Anita noted.

As a resident, Anita traded business for hobbies, passions, and people. By participating in an art class on campus, she discovered a passion for art that led her to win awards in the annual Spirit is Ageless competition and at the state level for pottery, painting, and writing.

However, it’s the people of CC Young that are her greatest joy. After two years of living at CC Young, Anita went to leadership and advocated that staff be recognized for their work and dedicated service to residents. For ten years Anita has championed the Employee Christmas Bonus Fund. As a result of her passion, a significant amount of funds has been raised with support from residents, family, board members, and friends. This allows the employees to bless their families at Christmas. It is not just about raising funds; she cares deeply about the CC Young employees. Each year during the campaign she highlights different staff on campus bringing awareness and honor to the work they do.

Anita has also made it her mission to help CC Young’s Woodshop (“The Woodies”). She feels it’s the least she can do to help the individuals who serve the community daily. Whether it is mending a piece of furniture, or a family heirloom for a resident or family member or creating works of art for the CC Young community, they are truly a part of all of us at CC Young. Anita serves as The Woodies biggest advocate and supporter of their mission to serve CC Young.

CC Young is family. As a result of the joy Anita found, her sister Mary Jo made it her home four years later. For Anita, living at CC Young is more than just a place to live, it is about living life to the fullest surrounded by family and friends. She considers it the best investment she ever made.

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