Reach for Personal Gold

July 1, 2024 | Brian Parman, Director, The Point & Pavilion

by Brian Parman, Director of The Point and Pavilion

As someone who has spent a lifetime producing events, I have been privileged to witness the magic of countless celebrations. However, none have left as indelible a mark on my heart as the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games & Para Olympic Games held in Atlanta, Georgia. My involvement in those Games not only fostered a deep appreciation for the power of community and the realization of dreams but also inspired me to reach for the gold in my own life. The spirit of the Olympics, and particularly the Paralympics that followed, offer invaluable lessons for us all but that seem even more poignant twenty-eight years later.

The Olympic Games are a testament to human determination, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Being part of the 1996 Olympics, I witnessed firsthand the palpable excitement and unity that comes from a global gathering of athletes striving for their best. These athletes, through their unwavering commitment, showed us that with dedication and hard work, dreams can indeed come true.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Olympics was the Paralympic Games that followed. Watching these incredible athletes, each overcoming significant obstacles to compete on the world stage, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Their stories of perseverance remind us that limitations are often only as significant as we allow them to be. They exemplify the power of visualization—seeing oneself attain a goal—as a crucial step in overcoming challenges.

Here at CC Young, we can take a page from these Olympic and Paralympic champions. Visualizing our goals, no matter how modest they may seem, is a powerful tool. Whether it’s walking a bit further each day, finding the strength to place a star on the Christmas tree with our grandchildren, learning to dance the tango, or marching in a parade, every goal starts with the vision and the first step.

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is another key lesson. As we pursue these goals, there will be moments of discomfort and doubt. But it is in showing up, day after day, embracing the small wins, and celebrating both our successes and those of our peers that we create a supportive and motivating community. Each step we take, no matter how small, is a victory. Every effort counts, and every achievement, no matter how minor it may seem, deserves to be celebrated.

At CC Young, we have the perfect environment to foster this Olympic spirit. Our community is rich with opportunities to engage in activities that challenge us, bring us joy, and keep us connected. From fitness classes that build our strength to social events that keep us engaged, every day offers a chance to reach for our personal best.

Set a realistic goal. Perhaps it’s to begin a walking program averaging 5000 steps a day or perhaps explore a new hobby or craft. Make yourself a priority. Set time aside to visualize yourself successful and imagine how it will feel. Be willing to be vulnerable and take that first step – no matter how awkward or uncomfortable it might seem at first. Just keep showing up, embracing vulnerability, and celebrate each personal win and that of others around you. Doing so will not only improve our own lives but will also contribute to a community where everyone has the opportunity to reach for their gold! Together, let’s continue to inspire each other, just as the athletes inspired the world, and create a legacy of perseverance, achievement, and joy.

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