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April 2, 2019 | Nutrition Tips

“Coconut Oil – The New Oil of Choice!”
“Low Carb – the Best Way To Lose Weight!”
“Why You Should be Eating Acai Berries – the New Cure-All!”

We are constantly inundated with nutrition claims in magazines, in the news, and on our favorite daily talk shows. Everyone has the new magic pill or method for weight loss. How do we differentiate between “real” nutrition and another fad? Check the source – who is the author and what is their title? Anyone can call themselves a “nutritionist,” but the credentials RD and RDN, signifying Registered Dietitian or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, validate the training.

“Nutritionist” titles are attained only after completing several different tiers of education and training. After completing at least a bachelor’s degree, a RD/RDN must complete an internship consisting of experiences in all nutrition and food service supervised practice program and then must pass an extensive registration exam. About half of all RD’s and RDN’s hold graduate degrees and many hold specific certifications in their field of study. They are experts in their field and report scientific-based research and claims and they are held to a professional standard.

Before jumping on the latest craze, make sure to find out where the information is coming from!

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