Know the Difference: Private Care vs. Home Healthcare

May 20, 2024 | Care Planning

Is private care or home health the right solution for you or a loved one?

When it comes to in-home care, it can be confusing and challenging for caregivers to know the difference between private care and home healthcare. To help you differentiate between these two community services for older adults, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions.

Through it all, it’s important to remember that you have a say in choosing your in-home care provider. At CC Young, we truly care about the total well-being of you and your parent or loved one. That’s why we are committed to living our mission and vision to enhance the quality of life for all we serve, supporting them with kindness, compassion, and companionship every day.

What’s the biggest difference between private care and home healthcare?

Home healthcare is skilled care. This requires a medical referral, whether it’s from a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. Home healthcare includes therapy services, skilled observation and assessments, medication monitoring, diabetic care, wound care, blood pressure monitoring, education and teaching, and IV therapies.

Private care is non-skilled care. It includes services such as companionship, transportation, bathing and dressing, mobility assistance, meal planning and grocery shopping, laundry, pet care, medication reminders, setting up pill boxes, and even help with packing or unpacking when moving to a new apartment. If someone needs to have their blood pressure taken or oxygen levels checked, private care can cover vitals, but that’s about as medical as it gets.

What do people confuse most about home healthcare and private care?

Home healthcare is a short-term solution for older adults recovering from a temporary medical condition or new diagnosis. Private care can be a one-time visit or a service that continues long term — or for however long support is needed. Some of our private care clients at CC Young have been using our services for years.

Is it possible to use both home healthcare and private care services at the same time?

Yes, it actually happens a lot here at CC Young. For example, if a long-term private care client needs medical assistance when recovering from surgery, our home healthcare services can be added, while continuing with their regular private care.

Are home healthcare and private care covered by insurance?

Since home healthcare is ordered by a physician, it is typically billed through insurance, and Medicare provides this service at no out-of-pocket expense. However, private care does not go through insurance, unless your loved one happens to be part of a program through Veterans Affairs or Medicaid, or has a long-term care insurance policy.

How does home healthcare help someone who is recovering from an illness or injury?

Home healthcare by CC Young is a short-term solution to help a person stay independent, safe, and healthy — in their own home — after receiving a new diagnosis or recovering from surgery, rehab, or a stroke. This is a transitional service that includes teaching, help with medications, social services, and therapy. We can even coordinate with physicians and insurance companies to arrange for services.

What if someone wants to live at home but needs a little bit of assistance to do so?

Private care by CC Young can provide a small boost of help, making living at home manageable for your parent or loved one. Our wide range of private care solutions can include anything from companionship, light housekeeping, and meal preparation to laundry, medication assistance, and fitness and wellness — anything that can help with daily life.

How can private care help someone find companionship?

For many people, companionship is an essential part of our private care services. Not only do they get a bit of support to make living at home easier, but they also gain the support of a companion. Whatever their needs are, we can tailor a plan to them. For many people, our private care companions truly become like family, holding a meaningful place in their lives.

Why choose CC Young for home healthcare or private care services?

First, consider CC Young’s strong reputation in the community, along with our CMS five-star quality rating. Additionally, for those already using one of our in-home care services, it’s much more likely that they also turn to CC Young for additional services, especially because we offer the convenience of coordinated care. That means the family can avoid dealing with multiple people and organizations to arrange for care. CC Young’s administrators are all located in the same office, and care plan meetings are a routing protocol here. At the end of the day, it’s about choosing a provider that you already know and trust — and one that makes life easier.

CC Young provides a wide spectrum of in-home healthcare services to support those who may need services in their homes, on the CC Young campus, or in the greater North Texas community. Offering multiple solutions for both residents and those outside our campus, we are licensed to serve in 13 North Texas counties. For more information about home healthcare and private care services at CC Young, contact us today.

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