Crews News | March 2024

March 1, 2024 | Russell Crews, President & CEO

Russell Crews

by Russell Crews, President and Chief Executive Officer

Like the seasons for weather, our menus are seasonal as well. One location where our culinary team can vividly express their creativity is in the thematic variety offered for our residents in our 4833 restaurant.

When we opened that dining venue, my goal was to elevate the dining experience for our residents at a less than market price for elevated meals in an elevated atmosphere. The initial concept was a traditional steak house model, offering fine cuts of meat and the upscale sides you might expect in a fine dining establishment such as creamed spinach, roasted brussels sprouts and Caesar salad.

With the last two menu variations, our team has been able to flex their culinary muscles with more exotic selections. Starting late summer 2023 and continuing for several months, the menu reflected a Latin flair, leaning more toward Brazilian “Churrascaria” experience. These menu items were driven by the residents who were enjoying Latin-style meals prepared by Rafael Hurtado, our Sous Chef in The Asbury. You learned a little about Rafa in last month’s article.

As of February 2024, the menu has changed to a Mediterranean-inspired feast. Our Executive Chef, Matthew Reid, and his wife Mandy, recently traveled to Italy and were inspired by the simple, whole food they ate during their journey. Matt wanted to create a menu reflective of the food he experienced, but he also wanted the menu to help establish the nuance and pacing of European meals where nothing is rushed and everything is savored.

As a seasoned world traveler, Matt is on his third passport and has lived abroad and traveled in multiple countries. Given his almost 30 years in the culinary industry, his taste buds are refined and he can often replicate recipes he tastes. He designed the current menu with a Mediterranean flair which is not 100% Italian, but leans that direction.

The description of these menu items brings the thought of Italian food to my mind: Mushroom Florentine, Polpette Pomodoro, Fried Ravioli, Burrata Caprese, Napoli Flatbread, Zuppa Toscana, Brisket Bolognese, Filet Toscano Chicken Milanese, Cioppino and warm olives. And yet, as Italian as that seems, Matt can easily modify the menu periodically to reflect other Mediterranean influences such as Greek or Moroccan.

Several of our team along with John Johnson and Sharon Christen from the Food Committee were invited to a tasting in January, prior to the formal menu rollout. Without a doubt, the food was a hit. Matt even finished the tasting with his signature “olive oil cake” – which I told him was the reason he was hired for CC Young in the first place. The Lemon Tiramisu on the menu was inspired from a trip to a lemon grove in Amalfi where they experienced a tour complete with organic vegetables and lemon infused delicacies.

I encourage you to reserve your spot in 4833. If your experience is similar to mine, your time there will be time well spent!

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