Crews News | February 2024

February 1, 2024 | Russell Crews, President & CEO

Russell Crews

by Russell Crews, President and Chief Executive Officer

We are already in the second month of 2024!  If you are like most of us, we spend January recovering from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and focus on getting back on a “normal” dietary track after consuming the usual holiday treats.  Thinking back on last year’s holidays, I thought about one team member who really made an impact at CC Young:  our pastry chef, Rosario Guerrero. 

Having a designated pastry chef on our culinary team is something new for CC Young.  Although it was not our idea, clearly it was a good suggestion from Thomas Cuisine.  Holidays or not, Rosario Guerrero has been a driving force behind the sweet confections that have graced our dining tables.  Rosario works all year to bring desserts and specialty items to our residents.  Year end, however, is intense with the holiday spin.  Consider this:  For Thanksgiving and Christmas, Rosario cooked approximately 160 pies for our residents and staff to purchase.  She also made over 1000 beautiful Christmas cookies between all the combined events. 

Today, I am delighted to share Rosario’s journey and highlight her contributions to the CC Young community.

Rosario began in the food service industry with an educational foundation at Eastfield Community College in Dallas, Texas, and North Dallas High School. Her passion for baking began in her early years, inspired by watching her sister and friends craft various pastries. This passion blossomed into a lifelong adventure, where Rosario explored different recipes and developed her unique ideas to create sweet treats.

Once out of school, Rosario embarked on a culinary career to further enhance her skills.  She served as the Pastry Chef Leader at Ventana by Buckner, the Head Baker and Assistant Head Baker at Susie Cakes, and the Bakery Production Manager and Bakery Lead at Central Market H.E.B., among other notable roles.

During her tenure at Ventana by Buckner, Rosario became familiar with the senior living industry where her skills grew in preparing meals for senior citizens, overseeing special orders, and organizing menu planning for seasonal and daily meals. Her commitment to quality and attention to detail extended to her role at Susie Cakes, where she managed daily and monthly inventory reports, supervised production, and provided training in food handling and customer service.

At Central Market H.E.B., she served as the Bakery Sales Manager for one of the premier stores in Dallas. Her responsibilities included managing scheduling, ordering, and overseeing the entire production of desserts and pastries. Rosario’s expertise in cake decorating, multicultural products, and event planning set her apart as a specialist in her field.

Apart from her professional achievements, Rosario is bilingual in English and Spanish, possesses exceptional organizational skills, and is known for her ability to build effective and efficient teams. Her assertiveness, self-motivation, and independent thinking make her a valuable asset to any team.

Growing up in Mexico and now happily married, Rosario finds love, support and inspiration from her family. Her vision for her department at CC Young is a desire to lead a team that increases production and efficiencies through innovative ordering and catering strategies. She dreams of creating a small bakery within CC Young, providing residents with in-house options for special occasions.

When asked about her favorite recipes to bake, Rosario expressed her love for exploring and creating different recipes. Her joy lies in mixing flavors, growing her knowledge, and delivering exceptional experiences for her customers and family.

We are honored to have Rosario as part of the CC Young family, and we look forward to savoring many more delicious moments crafted by her skilled hands.

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