Fran Hosseiny, LVN | Assistant Director of Nursing, Hospice

Although her nursing career started in 2005, Fran joined CC Young in 2015. She brings 10 years as a skilled nursing floor supervisor and 10 years with a wound care specialty.  Fran received accolades early on earning an award for best nurse and leadership in 2007.  Additional training in IV Therapy, hospice nursing and quality assurance expanded her skills.  Fran is originally from Iran, but has traveled all over the world and plans to grow old in Texas. Her passions outside of work include swimming, sewing, and supporting local and international charities. Aside from nursing, she has also been a fashion designer for 25 years!  She and her husband have 3 children.

MORE ABOUT Fran Hosseiny, LVN

Fran’s favorite vacation spot is in the mountains, her favorite ice cream is coffee, and her favorite music is country!