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Dining at CC Young.

You will find freshly prepared meals by award-winning Executive Chefs and experience personal attention. Our menus are always changing, highlighting the best seasonal fare. If you have special dietary needs, we provide dietary counseling and foods prepared in accordance with established guidelines to optimize your health.

Whatever your dining desires, from the familiar to the adventurous, you’ll find the right place for your taste.

Experience all of our
dining venues!

  • Fine dining at 4833 in The Overlook
    Dinner Thursday through Saturday. Reservations only.
  • Casual restaurant dining 7-days a week

    CONLEY'S IN THE OVERLOOK — Complimentary continental breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Carryout and delivery are available.

    THE ASBURY — Breakfast and lunch daily. Carryout and delivery are available.

    THE HILLSIDE — Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
  • Cafeteria-style dining in The Thomas
    Lunch 7 days a week with available carryout.
  • Private Dining for family events
    The Hillside offers a private dining room for family events and special occasions.
  • quick meals & snacks at The Café in The Point
A Morrison Healthcare Partner

For over 65 years, Morrison Healthcare has been the nation’s top healthcare food services specialist. Each team member makes a pledge that great foodservice begins with them and that pledge goes into every meal, every client and every resident. Morrison Healthcare knows the power of food and that it can touch lives, promote healing and change a resident’s overall experience at a senior living community. CC Young partners with Morrison to bring residents and their families exceptional dining experiences and an unwavering commitment to health and well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see calories, sodium and carbohydrates for the featured entrees?

Yes! We have this information available on the menus for Conley’s and The Asbury. If you desire further nutritional analysis, we can provide that information for you upon request.

Can I get gluten free meals?

Yes! We offer gluten free menu options. The options that can be made gluten free are designated by a gluten free icon on the menus in both Conley’s and The Asbury.

Do you serve entrees for diabetics?

CC Young embraces resident centered care. We align ourselves with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and their recommendations. The ADA does not actually have a diabetic diet, they do have some guidelines they promote. The ADA as well as CC Young recognize that people with diabetes should eat in a way that helps them reach their blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight goals. For some, that means a relatively higher-carbohydrate diet and for others, the diet may be lower in carbohydrates. The ADA does not recommend specific target numbers when it comes to carbohydrates, protein, or total fat.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reports that protein energy malnutrition effects 23% to 85% of residents and most of those were on restricted diets that might discourage intake. Therefore, the Academy recommends residents’ individualize their diets to maximize meal nutrition. In many cases, a regular diet improves meal nutrition, minimizes struggles of dietary compliance and improves the resident’s quality of life.

CC Young endorses a liberalized diet approach where the resident has control of their portions of carbohydrates and desserts. A liberalized diet is defined by the ADA as an effort to relax dietary prescriptions established to help manage or treat a disease like diabetes. In addition to improving quality of life, a liberalized diet has been shown to improve intake, decrease malnutrition and weight loss that occurs when a resident is served food they don’t want and won’t eat.

Should a resident still feel that a sugar fee diet is best for them, we do rotate throughout the menu cycle, 3 sugar free dessert options.

Our goal is to provide you as many choices as possible for you to make the best decision for your specific dietary needs. If you need assistance, we have a dietitian on staff who can provide education and materials to make better, and healthier selections.

Our goal is to provide you as many choices as possible for you to make the best decision for your specific dietary needs. If you need help we have a registered, licensed Dietitian on staff who can provide education and materials to make healthy selections. CC Young’s Dietitian is available for consultations by appointment at 972-996-1460.

Is there a dress code?

All residents are expected to be fully dressed when in public areas on campus. Shorts are acceptable in the dining rooms during the breakfast and noon meals.

Can you cater an event for me?

Yes! Contact our Executive Chef at 469-828-3924 or our Assistant Director of Dining Services at 972-755-1834 for service details.

Who leads the team in the kitchens?

We have a great team in place for you, led by our two Executive Chefs, Chef Arvy Dumbrys and Chef Arnold Williams. They are assisted across campus by our Sous Chef in Conley’s and our Sous Chef for The Asbury and The Hillside.

How do I give feedback?

We love constructive feedback so we can continually improve your dining experience. We encourage residents and families to use the kiosks found in each location, or please speak with the Dining Room Manager or Supervisor.

May I purchase alcohol with my meal?

Alcoholic beverages are licensed to be served in Conley’s and 4833 in The Overlook.

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