We are here for you. Helping inform your decision on Assisted Living.

Does CC Young have respite care rooms available

CC Young has several respite care rooms available for your loved one. We know caregivers can be physically and emotionally exhausted, and CC Young is here for you to recharge. Allow us to care for your aging adult while you can have time for you. Please call us at 214-248-4000 to learn more about respite care at CC Young.

What is CC Young’s assessment criteria for an Assisted Living resident?

Our Assisted Living assessment includes a visit with the potential resident, a tour of The Hillside, The Vista and our campus, and a review of financial paperwork from the resident and medical paperwork from the resident’s physician. There are additional services that can be purchased through our Ancillary Services Program or through our Home Services program. We look for the person’s ability to get themselves up in the morning, get dressed and get to and from the dining room independently. Per State regulations, CC Young’s Assisted Living is not allowed to accept or retain any resident who requires the services of a staff nurse on a daily basis.

What services and amenities are included with Assisted Living?

Three meals a day, medication management, weekly laundry and light housekeeping, engaging social and recreational activities and all utilities are included in the monthly fee.

Do Medicare or Long Term Care policies pay for Assisted Living care?

Medicare does not pay for Assisted Living. Long Term Care policies typically have an Assisted Living benefit. Call to confirm other accepted providers: 972-432-7874.

What happens when my family member needs a higher level of care?

Hillside & Vista team members are in frequent communication with the responsible parties of residents about their loved one’s condition and the care they need. If a resident begins to require a level of care beyond what is available at The Hillside/The Vista or beyond appropriate support available through CC Young’s fee-based Home Services program, the staff will work with the resident and responsible party on a transition to a higher level of care on our campus. Unless it is an emergency situation, there is generally a transition period within which the family members of the resident and the resident will have the opportunity to determine the next best fit for them. When a resident is transferring to a higher level of care on campus, the 30-day notice requirement is waived.

What is the next step or level of care following Assisted Living?

Depending upon the care needs of the resident, the next level of care could be Memory Support or Skilled Nursing.

How do you help my loved one feel at home?

Home is a reflection of the people who live there. From the pictures on the walls, to the furniture and lamps, to those one-of-a-kind treasured mementos collected over a lifetime — home is personal. You can be assured when your loved one moves into CC Young, they are home! They bring with them their furniture and accessories to make their space their own. Their personal touches are unmistakable and bring great comfort. Some say it’s never easy to move from an existing home to someplace new. Then once here, they say, “Why did I wait so long?” The staff at CC Young go the extra mile by learning likes and dislikes, as well as, involving new a new resident in life enrichment events right away in an effort to make your parent or loved one feel at home quickly, feel safe and secure.

Where is The Campus Clinic located?

The Campus Clinic will relocate to new offices in The Vista as soon as the space is ready. Until that time, the offices are at the first floor of The Hillside.

What if I still have more questions?

We’re ready to help you discuss options with your parent or loved one. We can refer you to what may be the best resource of all — seniors and their family members who have already made the decision to choose CC Young. Simply contact us for more information.