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Aquatics Therapy at CC Young – Coming Soon!

To provide even more healthy services and options for you, we are developing aquatics-based therapy and wellness programming. Both our nursing teams and therapy teams are working in conjunction with Mandy McCracken-Atkins, a Dallas-based Physical Therapy and Aquatics Programming Consultant with over 29 years of experience. 

The objective is to offer top-notch aquatics programming to residents and the surrounding community as part of our state-of-the-art wellness and therapy offering.   

In addition to being fun, participating in aquatics therapy can provide many health benefits.

Warm Water Therapy and Hydrostatic pressure can work to:

  • Improve circulation and the respiratory system 
  • Relieve abnormal muscle tension and build muscle tone 
  • Help reduce pain  
  • Increase range of motion, strength, functional activity, balance, sleep, mood, emotional well being and mental function

Gains in the areas mentioned can then build on one another, providing overall health improvement.

Look for the following classes to be offered for all levels:

  • Beginner and Advanced Aqua Aerobics
  • Ah Chi Classes – similar to Tai Chi
  • Aqua Jump – mini trampoline use
  • Aqua Spin – spin classes
  • Aqua Circuit – combined use of jumping, bikes and treadmills
  • Balancing Act – balancing exercises
  • Deep Water Cardio and Strengthening
  • Resisted Loop Walking Group

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