James Smith | Director of Maintence

James Smith came to CC Young in 2022 as a maintenance tech. He was promoted to Assistant Director of Maintenance in late 2022, and then
to Director in August 2023.  James is a true Renaissance man in the world of maintenance and construction. From the age of 13, he embarked on his remarkable journey through the construction industry, initially honing his skills in Residential Framing. However, his passion for learning and a thirst for adventure led him to explore a diverse range of trades, mastering carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, and HVAC along the way.
But James isn’t just a tradesman; he’s a versatile professional who has donned many hats in his career. He underwent years of rigorous sales training, gaining invaluable expertise in the art of selling. His dedication to professional growth also led him to achieve a Type 2 refrigerant
certification, a testament to his commitment to staying current in the field.

While carving out an adventurous career, James didn’t forget about education. He successfully put himself through college, earning two
Associates degrees—one in criminal justice and corrections, and the other in business administration and management. These academic achievements reflect his dedication to personal and professional growth.  Beyond his diverse skill set and educational background, James takes
immense pride in his numerous accomplishments. His work ethic is unwavering, and he’s renowned for his dedication, commitment, and loyalty
to his employers. He offers total support, whether it’s in materials management, job site coordination, or any of his other expertise areas,
which include Microsoft Outlook, Roof CAD, Microsoft Excel, fleet management, and Microsoft Office proficiency.

MORE ABOUT James Smith

What sets James apart is his appetite for adventure. He’s not your typical construction expert; he’s also a wilderness enthusiast who provided Wilderness Training in the rugged landscapes of Talkeetna, Alaska. Furthermore, he’s had a taste of the Wild West, performing Cowboy
reenactments at the Grand Canyon Railroad. And if that’s not enough, James has even graced the world-famous Sultana Bar in Williams, AZ, showcasing his bartending skills. James also served as Private First Class in the United States Army, in the 10 Mountain Division.

In a world where versatility and dedication are highly prized, James shines as a multi-talented professional who combines construction expertise, sales acumen, adventurous spirit, and educational achievements to deliver exceptional value to any endeavor. He’s not just a construction pro; he’s an all-around asset ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way.