Volunteering & Outreach

Discover The Joy of Giving:  Volunteer & Outreach Opportunities

If you enjoy sharing time with Seniors…if you believe that serving others is your way of giving back…if you’d like to meet the staff and residents of C. C. Young and discover lasting friendships…then we need you.

Join Us for the Joy of It.

Our success depends upon the strength of our bond with the community outside our campus – and that includes people of all ages and beliefs. We have bountiful opportunities for people with a giving spirit. We welcome church, youth and school groups, as well as community volunteer organizations – or simply individuals who believe as we do: that seniors should be valued all through life.

For more information on Volunteering, contact Shannon Critchlow at 214-841-2988 or by email at scritchlow@ccyoung.org.

Start Volunteering Today!

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