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    How Big is Your Footprint?

    “Carbon Footprint” is a term that is being tossed around more frequently in conversations. When it comes to food, Carbon Footprint is loosely defined as a measure of the amount of greenhouse gases/carbon emissions caused by the production, manufacturing and transportation of that food product. This figure includes all the carbon expenditures of the farming, processing and delivery aspects of that particular product.   + REad more

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    Just Listen and God will Lead You: Reverend Wally Chappell’s Story

    We celebrated Rev. Wally Chappell’s accomplishment of writing and the subsequent publishing of his book When I Listen – which is certainly no small feat! His book is a collection of his writings over a 60 year time span and is a compilation of poetry, over 70 Christmas pieces and his “Conversations with God,” as he describes it. Wally’s story is an interesting one as he graduated from Rice University with a BS in Chemical Engineering, a field which he pursued for a p...  + REad more

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    Zzzz’s…Benefits of Resting Well

    Sleep deprivation can lead to Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, weight gain, falls, a decreased immune system and irritability. Sleep helps you to be the best version of yourself and take on the day with energy, but many people find sleep to be elusive. Try these tips to make sure you are getting the restful sleep you need:Keep naps to about 30 minutes.   + REad more

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