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What Is a Resident Advocate, and Why Does Every Community Need One?

August 22, 2021

By Dess Rolfe Q&A with CC Young Resident Advocate Dess Rolfe Can you give an overview of what a resident advocate does? The role of the resident advocate at CC Young is to represent the residents and their families in expressing unresolved issues and concerns, taking them to management, and bringing those concerns to a timely solution. […]

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Happy senior couple enjoys each other’s company in an assisted living community.

Is it Time for Assisted Living for My Parents?

November 25, 2020

Your parents have been a major part of your world, guiding you through childhood and being trusted confidantes you can turn to in your adult years. Just as they’ve been there for you, it’s time for you to be there for them as they age. According to Greystone Communities, assisted living may benefit your parents’ […]

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