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Do you have outings?

Yes, our residents enjoy fieldtrips throughout our 20-acre campus and also visit local restaurants, museums and other area attractions in addition to engaging in volunteer opportunities.

Can we bring our own furniture?

Yes, we encourage families to bring their own furniture to help their loved ones feel more at home.

Do you offer a secured neighborhood?

We currently offer residents a secured neighborhood in The Cove and will offer a secured neighborhood in The Vista. We also have a large outdoor garden attached to our building, which enables our residents to enjoy nature in a safe, protected environment.

What is CC Young’s Adult Day Center?

The CC Young Adult Day Center (ADC) is our unique offering for adults living with dementia who currently live in their own homes. We provide a place for seniors to go on weekdays for structured events, social engagement, and support.

Who is eligible for the Adult Day Center?

We welcome both CC Young residents and D/FW community members who are living with some form of dementia or memory impairment. Individuals are eligible for the ADC as long as they are able to eat and use the restroom independently.

What services does CC Young’s Adult Day Center provide?

We offer a structured day of events as well as a hot lunch and snacks. Our focus is on fitness and wellness. Members particularly enjoy exercise classes such as Tai Chi or arts classes at The Point, our building designated for arts and education. We participate in games, lively discussions, and a variety of musical experiences that stimulate cognitive activity. Most importantly, we provide participants the chance to connect with new friends in a structured, safe, and comfortable environment. We have on-site supervision, including a full-time Registered Nurse and a Certified Nurse Aide who can both distribute medication.

Why do you call it the “The Friendship Club”?

Living with memory loss and dementia can be frightening and it is easy for a person to become withdrawn. People living with dementia thrive on social connections, being with other people, and feeling accepted as part of a community. Our Adult Day Center promotes wellness through social connection and friendship and results in a feeling of well-being.

How do you join the Adult Day Center?

There is an application that will need to be completed. Rates are $100 a day or $75 for a half-day, which includes a hot lunch, snacks, and access to all the day’s activities. We operate on a daily basis and we are open 8:30am to 5:00pm on Monday through Friday. Some members come every day, whereas others come for the occasional day or half-day. For more information or to reserve your spot, call 214-304-2828.

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