Fitness Center & Personal Training

Fitness Center & Personal Training

The Dr. Ken Cooper Fitness Center in The Point and Pavilion features a 2,000 square foot equipment room and classroom. Seniors can stay active and healthy with classes and equipment for all levels of fitness.

  • Classes for chair aerobics/strength training, yoga, Tai Chi, line dancing, and much more
  • Equipment for both strength and cardiovascular training (exclusive for C. C. Young residents and Point Members)
  • Massage therapy available on campus

While many Point offerings are free to the public, Point Membership is required for access to the equipment room. Membership also affords discounts on various classes and Massage Therapy Sessions.

Open Daily from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Click here for this month’s Wellness & Fitness Calendar

Personal Training

Paid Personal Training Sessions are available for Point Members and residents. Offered by C. C. Young’s Certified Personal Trainer/Wellness Coordinator, you will receive a fitness assessment, one-on-one guidance, and learn proper form for your workouts.

Call 469-828-3473 to schedule your appointment.

Personal Training Pricing for Point Members or Residents:

Pay as you go:
1 person/$30 for 30 minutes or 1 person/$55 for 60 minutes

Pre-paid packages for 1 person:
$168 for six (6) 30 min. sessions (saves you $12)
$312 for six (6) 60 min. sessions (saves you $18)

Pre-paid packages for 2 people:
$95 for one (1) 60 min. session (saves you $20)
$574 for six (6) 60 min. sessions (saves you $50)

Please note that Residents have full access. A Non-resident, age 55 and better, may purchase a Point Membership to work out on the fitness equipment, to attend supervised gym workouts and more. Click here for Point Membership details.

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