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Innovation and Technologies at CC Young.

We believe a personal touch and personal service are the best ways to exceed your expectations and those of your loved ones. This approach includes embracing innovations and new technologies throughout our campus that make life more convenient, connected, safer, healthier, more fun and more enriching.

At CC Young, we take the stress and hassle out of dealing with technology in your home for you and your family members. No missed appointments, waiting all day for the cable TV or telephone company technicians to arrive. No dealing with the frustration of calling a technology support center in a foreign country. 

The expert assistance available is included in your monthly service fees and media fee.

Secured Wi-Fi Internet

Internet access is provided by fast and secured Wi-Fi plus wired Ethernet access in apartments. One call to our Service Request Line sends a Technology Team Member to add your devices to the system as well as set up your guests.

VoIP telephone service

We use an advanced Cisco VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) network for your telephone service. You’ll receive a handset, a voice mailbox as well as telephone assistance via our Service Request Line. We also offer unified messaging which allows voicemail to email functionality.

Support for Smartphones and Other Devices

In addition to assistance with Internet and other technologies, you can have a Technology Team Member provide basic set up and support for Smartphones, smart speakers, computers, laptops and tablets. All it takes is a call to our Service Request Line.

Apartment-based motion detectors

All Assisted Living and Independent Living apartments are equipped with motion detectors. The system alerts us about non-movement in any apartment each day, which initiates a phone call and/or physical check on any residents who are on the report.

Premium HD Cable TV

You receive Premium HD (High Definition) Cable Channels, support and service. We contract directly with Spectrum TV so you don’t have to deal with cable service set up. If you do experience any issues, one call to our Service Request Line sends a Technology Team Member to your door. We also set up remotes!

Urgent call system

Our system, in place for all Assisted Living and Independent Living residents, is able to pick up notifications inside buildings and outside throughout our campus grounds. To ensure maximum safety, we ask that residents wear their pendants at all times on campus.

iPad-enabled feedback for dining service

Morrison, our dining services provider, has iPad tablet kiosks around campus to enable you and your visitors to easily and securely provide feedback on any dining experience. This is a quick way to give a comment to our program managers.

GroupCast mass messaging

The technology we employ for mass messaging is called GroupCast. It is a system that is used all over the country by various school systems. With this system we are able to quickly and easily communicate routine alerts to you, your family members and our team members regarding response to time-sensitive emergency situations. To keep the system up to date, residents are encouraged to notify their Administrator as soon as possible involving any changes to contact information.

Team member cell phone connectivity

To ensure we are conducting business and responding to your needs in a timely fashion, many team members carry cell phones both on and off campus to stay connected and ready.

Cyber Security

We are engaged at the highest levels of our organization to keep our networks safe. We encourage you and your family members to join us in following safe computer practices to protect sensitive personal information.

Dakim Brain Fitness

We have two Dakim Brain Fitness computers in The Library at The Point. This system cross trains your brain in six essential cognitive domains to provide a comprehensive brain- enhancing workout. Our team members at The Point can set you up on this system.

Computer and tech classes just for seniors

Conveniently located on campus in The Point building, The University at CC Young teaches ‘Senior Tech’ classes on a variety of topics. Classes are designed for all levels, from computer beginner to experienced techie. Learn about personal computing, laptops and tablets, Smartphone photography and digital photography, Microsoft Office, personal home assistants like Amazon Echo, Facebook and more. The University also offers one-on-one instruction as well as in-home sessions.

New web portal coming soon!

We are creating a new web portal for you, your family members and visitors to The Point. It will provide quick and easy access to event calendars, enable users to more conveniently make and see dining reservations on campus and have better access to resident phone lists. The portal will also be connected via Smart Skills to your Amazon home system. You’ll be able to ask “Alexa” about upcoming events and so much more. Stay tuned for more news about our web portal.

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