Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What does my monthly service fee cover?
A:  Dining allowance, maintenance, utilities (water and electric), housekeeping, security, activities and scheduled transportation.

Q.  What about TV?
A.  We provide a discounted media package for our residents which includes local and long distance phone, wired and Wi-Fi internet, and premium cable TV.

Q:  What are my dining options?
A:   We have a variety of dining options available on campus. Every building has its own dining room. The Asbury is open for breakfast and lunch with restaurant style service. The Overlook has two options, Conley’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is continental style and lunch and dinner are restaurant style. 4833 is our fine dining steak house open for dinner only, Thursday thru Saturday. The Thomas building is open for lunch only and service is cafeteria style. The Café at the Point is open seven days a week where you can get a snack or light meal and beverage.

Q:  Is transportation provided?
A:  C. C. Young has several vehicles for transportation.
Click here to view the options.

Q:  What is an entrance fee and is that my only option?
A:   Most non-profit communities collect Entrance Fees. There are multiple reasons.  The two most important are that it helps the community to initially finance new projects and, most importantly, it helps reduce monthly fees. At C.C. Young entrance fees are collected in The Asbury and The Overlook. A percentage of that entrance fee is refunded back to the resident (or resident’s family) upon re-occupancy of the apartment. Our third Independent Living building, The Thomas, is rental only and no entrance fee is collected. We have a place and entry price for nearly every budget.

Q:  What activities are available for me should I choose to move in?
A:  Click here to view our calendar of events.

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