Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Are private rooms available?
A:   All Medicare rooms on the 3rd floor of Lawther Point West are private rooms.  Overflow rooms on the 2nd floor of Lawther Point West are semi-private.  If a resident is admitted to the 2nd floor due to overflow conditions, they would be relocated to the 3rd floor private rooms as they become available in order of admission.

Q:  How many hours per day of therapy is provided?
A:  C. C. Young provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  The amount of therapy is determined by an assessment by the therapy team and may be up to 3 hours/day, depending on the circumstances.

Q:  What are my dining options?
A:  C. C. Young offers three (3) meals per day plus snacks.  All meals are served restaurant style and an alternate is offered for every meal. There is also the option to order from an “Always Available” menu.  Meals can also be ordered from Conley’s at an additional charge.

Q:  Can my doctor visit me at C. C. Young?
A:  We welcome all physicians to C. C. Young.    However, if your physician is not able to take care of you while a resident at C. C. Young, we do have physicians who are board-certified Geriatricians that would be happy to provide that care.

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