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Q: Are private rooms available?

Yes, we offer only private Medicare rooms.

Q: How many hours per day of therapy is provided?

CC Young provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The amount of therapy is determined during an assessment by the therapy team and may be up to 3 hours/day, depending on the circumstances.

Q: What are my dining options?

CC Young offers three (3) meals per day plus snacks. All meals are served restaurant style and an alternate is offered for every meal. There is also the option to order from an “Always Available” menu. Meals can also be ordered from Conley’s in The Overlook at an additional charge.

Q: Can my doctor visit me at CC Young?

We welcome all physicians to CC Young. However, if your physician is not able to see you while you are a resident at CC Young, we do have physicians on staff that are happy to provide that care.

Q: What can I expect in the way of healthcare?

At CC Young, there’s a continuum of care that includes Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care. We take you smoothly and efficiently through each level, if necessary, with gentle transitions and a sensitivity to your needs.

Q: Should I be concerned about my parent’s security and well-being?

We provide a 24-hour urgent call system, and professional healthcare providers are a call away. Help, if needed, is never far away.

Q: How will I have peace of mind as a family member?

There is simply no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your parent or loved one is well cared for. Personal contentment sometimes becomes harder to achieve as health issues and isolation intrude with age. Maintaining their normal activities of day-to-day life may become more challenging.

We believe we provide an environment they enjoy; surrounded by active, engaged friends they care about, enabling them look forward to each new day.

At CC Young, we offer many of the elements needed for a happy, satisfying life – friends, a nice residence, a continuum of care, a full-range of needed services, plenty of amenities, a host of activities and a secure environment. All this is designed to give you what you want most – peace of mind.

Q: What if I still have more questions?

We’re ready to help you discuss options with your parent or loved one. We can afford you access to what may be the best resource of all — seniors and their family members who have already made the decision to choose CC Young. Simply contact us for more information.

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