Dining Kosher

Saiket “Johny” Patwary
Emporia Presbyterian Manor, Emporia, Kansas

Any kind of cuisine can be considered kosher if prepared in the accordance of Jewish law. So what is kosher food? A land animal is kosher if it has split hooves and chews its cud. So common animals such as cows, sheep and goats are kosher while pigs are not. Predatory and scavenger birds are not considered kosher where as domestic birds such as chicken, duck and turkey are kosher. Seafood is considered kosher as long as it has fins and scales, such as salmon, tuna and flounder. Catfish, lobster and any water mammal are not. When dealing with dairy and eggs there is only one rule, what comes from kosher animals is considered kosher.

In a Kosher kitchen the utensils used for preparing and serving the food should be kosher as well. Commonly in a kosher kitchen each pan is designated for a certain kosher ingredient. It is forbidden to use the same utensil to cook 2 different item.

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