Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What services and amenities are included with Assisted Living?
A.  Three meals a day, medication management, weekly laundry and light housekeeping, assistance with bathing twice a week, and all utilities are included in the monthly fee.

Q.   Do Medicare or Long Term Care policies pay for Assisted Living care?
A.   Medicare does not pay for Assisted Living.  Long Term Care policies typically have an Assisted Living benefit.

Q. What happens when my family member needs a higher level of care?
A.  The staff at The Blanton are in frequent communication with the responsible parties of residents about their conditions and care they are needing.  If a resident begins needing a level of care beyond what is available at The Blanton, the staff will work with the resident and responsible party on a transition to a higher level of care on our campus.  Unless it is an emergency situation, there is typically a transition period within which the family members of the resident and the resident will have the opportunity to tour the other facilities and choose the best fit for them.  When a resident is transferring to a higher level of care on campus the 30 day notice requirement is waived.

Q.  What is the next step or level of care following Assisted Living?
A.  Depending upon the care needs of the resident, the next level of care could be The Cove, our assisted living Memory Care facility or The Lawther Point Health Center.

Q. What is C. C. Young’s assessment criteria for an Assisted Living resident?
A.  The Blanton assessment includes a visit with the potential resident, typically through a tour, review of financial paperwork and medical paperwork from the potential resident’s physician.  The Blanton offers certain basic services and staffs the facility to provide these basic services.  There are some additional services that can be purchased through The Blanton’s ancillary services or through our Home Health’s Transitional Living Care services program.  Typically a new resident will be able to get themselves up in the morning, get themselves dressed and get themselves to and from the dining room independently.  The Blanton is not allowed per state regulations to accept or retain any resident who requires the services of a facility nurse on a daily basis.

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