Testimonials for C. C. Young:

Susan (Cornell) Bauer and Gary Bauer, International Communications Directors, 2017

Dear Mr. Crews,

Susan and I wanted to especially thank Janet Cohen for the amazing job she does there at The Blanton! She has such a heart to serve the residents and their families. She has been such an encouragement to Susan’s mom, Ruth Cornell, there at CC Young. Some of Ruth’s favorite activities this past year have been getting her nails painted, her 90th birthday party right there, and the joy of helping decorate the beautiful Christmas tree. Janet also helped us coordinate an opportunity for the musical members of our family (ages 4 to adult) to share Christmas music at the New York Life Christmas party there, and for all our family to eat lunch together before the party. (We know that was extra work for the staff, but they all were so cheerful and helpful.)

Janet does such a great job as Life Enrichment Director, but is always willing to jump in and help in other ways, too, wherever needed. In fact, that seems to be the attitude staff-wide–pitching in with whatever’s going on. She has truly gone the second mile, many times in various ways, for Mom and our family, and the other residents. We even emailed a few photos from our Israel and Ukraine mission trip, and she shared those with Mom. It showed her what we were doing and where we were, when we phoned Mom reports on Skype in her apartment. Janet always greets us with a smile and makes us feel welcome whenever we come to visit Ruth.

We are also thankful for the many other truly outstanding members of the Blanton staff. Just this past week, Evelyn’s ever-patient and gentle ways helped Mom, Marchelle engages and cheers everyone in the dining room with her uplifting personality, your security officer mopped up a hot water situation all over Mom’s bathroom floor, and Jimmy, LaChristi, Ruth Ann, Chastity, and Dr. Goodwin have been wise, responsive, and helpful with her medical situation. And Vera keeps all the nuts and bolts together so beautifully, day after day, year after year.

We could not serve the Lord in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Israel, as He’s called us to do, without the peace of mind knowing Mom is in His hands and your good hands there at CC Young.

Angela Salrim, Greater Lakewood Shepherds Center

Dear Brain, Denise, Angela, Russel, Cindy and Kevin

In behalf of our board of directors and all our members, we would like to thank you for hosting such a lovely Birthday Bash celebration for us last friday. It could have not gone more smoothly; the auditorium looked beautiful, the food was delicious, and the wait staff was most prompt and attentive.

Thank you, Brain, Denise, Kevin and Angela, for planning and taking care of all the details to make it a fabulous event. And, thank you, Cindy and Russell, for welcoming us and for sharing the exciting advancements to come for C.C. Young.

We so appreciate all that you and your staff continue to do for our organization. We are grateful for your hospitality and generosity. Please also pass along our enjoyment and appreciation to your chef and all the kitchen and wait staff.

Linda Barry, February 2017

Dear Mr. Crews,

This email is long overdue, but I am sure you understand that we have been busy dealing with the arrangements surrounding Flo’s passing.

However, I do not want to let too much time go by before sending you my sincere words of praise for your staff at CC Young – particularly The Cove, and also the Hospice nurses and Rev. Raelynn Scott.

I cannot give enough praise to Shana Thompson, who was the Head Nurse when Flo first came to The Cove, and later the Administrator. Not only is Shana professional (and received a well-deserved promotion) but she was always warm, friendly, and a true source of calm whenever I saw her. I can’t tell you how many times she soothers my spirits, and made me laugh – sharing professionalism and knowledge, paired with genuine warmth and caring – Shana is a true asset to the CC Young community!

I visited Flo many times – at many different hours, and on weekends. Shana and the staff were consistently calm, upbeat, and caring. If there wee issues of tension or stress, Shana stepped in to assist. I know this was not easy – especially when the phone/internet went out; the exit doors constantly beep; and the residents each has their individual needs. I honestly don’t know how these folks do it – except to say they have a true gift and you are also gifted to have them at your facility.

When looking at places for Flo, my husband Tim researched many local communities and “narrowed it down” to 10 places that he visited and interviews for her. His siblings, Meg and Michael toured and interviewed the final three.

When ultimately brought us to CC Young was the Art Program and outreach to the local community. We discovered that Flo had actually been coming to CCY with her Dallas Area Fiber Artist’s group for many years, and the focus on visual arts was a definite plus!

What we didn’t know until she got settled in was how absolutely fabulous Aaron Schmidt was with The Cove’s creative program. This man is a ball of energy! And Flo thrived under his care/tutelage. When she would snark to me about being there with “crazy people”, I reminded her that she was often helping Aaron – like an “artist in residence”… and Aaron truly treated her that way. He knows how to energize each of the residents in their own way and is one of the primary reasons I believe that Flo adjusted as well as she did to life at CCY.

Later, when Flo was admitted to the hospice unit, we became acquainted with the nurses there (I’m sorry, at this point all is a blur and I don’t recall names). What I do recall is the kindness, sharing of knowledge about the death process, and the genuine spiritual depth that CCY provided to our family.

Although Tim and I were married in the Methodist church (by Don Benton); Flo was a Catholic, and it was delightful to meet Rev. Scott and realize her Catholic background and diversity. That meant a lot to the family. Rev. Scott even took it upon herself to attend Flo’s memorial mass – all the way out in Grapevine, Texas! This impressed our entire family as well.

To summarize my experience with CCY and my Mother-in-law’s time there, I would really like to let you know that I am genuinely going to miss the people I got to know during Flo’s illness.

You have an exceptional staff – please do all you can to support, promote and pay them well.

After our experience, I have has several friends ask about my views of CCY – and I tell them all that it is a fabulous place … the new building will make it nicer – but the people are the key element that make CCY exceptional.

Keep up the good work (and the good staff). I miss them all so much now, that I will probably end up volunteering, fund raising, or otherwise promoting the great CCY Community!

Best regards
Linda Barry

Admissions – Thank you Lisa!

Volunteering – 2017

Thank you for the extensive tour of C.C. Young campus; I appreciate your time. Everyone was so kind and pleasant from staff members to your residents. I can see that your compassion is shared by many. After being my Aunt’s caregiver last year. I feel that my calling is working with seniors. I would love to be a part of your community, thank you.

Bill Tucker and Thomas, Easter 2016

On my way over to Blanton to visit a friend, I stopped for awhile at the fountain enhances the sound of my music. As I turned my power chair toward the east, the stunning pavilion sculpture (now finished) appeared before me. I immediately thought how blessed we are to live in a retirement village where public art is “center court.” Thanks to all who made this happen.

Bobby Lau Turrentine

Thank you again for showing today what C.C. Young represents in generosity and recognition of those who celebrate their “Golden Years” on your lovely campus, I have had the privilege several times of sharing a lovely meal with friends from the community who also benefits from your gracious hospitality. I do thank you.

True, we volunteer or meet in The Point and for whatever reason we come to C.C. Young we know what the “Spirit” is ageless represents.

You and your staff makes me feel welcome and it keeps me young in heart and mind.

May God continue to Bless you in all your future endeavors.

Mary D., Daughter of new resident in Health Center, November 15, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

We love to rave about CC Young, because it is so easy. I live in California, and have not been at C.C. Young since we accompanied my dad there from Houston on Friday, October 30th. I can recount what I remember about our initial transfer and move-in experience and the following ten days, and then perhaps you might want to talk or write to both my sisters, for their more up-to-date experience since they live in Dallas and visit my daddy every day at C.C. Young, My sisters continue to speak highly about my father;s care there, so I think my words below will ring true also for them.

My sisters and I toured six different senior communities in Dallas when we were looking for a safe and nourishing environment for our 85-year father to recover from the life-changing trauma of a shattered femur after he fell. He had been living alone in Houston, his home of 46 years, so we moved him to Dallas to be nearby the support of his children who live there. C.C. Young stood out far and beyond all of the highly recommended facilities we had already seen. At our first meeting during the tour, we were especially impressed with their Community Liason, Lisa O’Brain, who listened to our family’s serious predicament and in a few instants solved some very complicated limited Medicare coverage issues, and wholeheartedly created a solution which was in the best interest of our stressed and fragile father and the very long recovery ahead of him. Each person we sloe to, and I cannot even begin to name them all, listened to each of us family members very attentively, carefully and thoughtfully, and they tailored individual solutions for all of our father’s urgent health issues as well as our family’s needs. Each staff member we met in every single department, including the Administrator of the Health Care Center himself, Mr. David Pennybacker, who went the extra mile – as well as that extra inch – with human compassion, warmth, sincerity, kindness and expertise in making my dad’s our family transition and his new life there as easy and joyous as possible. Their assistance and guidance was an enormous relief to our entire family, and to this day, continues to slowly and carefully nourish and encourage my dad back to the health and independence he enjoyed previous to his fall. We have met other family members at the Health Center at C. C. Young whose parents have lived there for two, five and ten years, and they all raved about their experience, which gave us even more strength and comfort knowing that our father could safely settle in and make C. C. Young his new home. The family visits every day, have gotten to know everyone quite well. We are happy to have made C. C. Young a big part of our busy lives with the 24/7 reassurance that our father is receiving the best care possible during this challenging time for all of us. We can never thank C. C. Young enough during this holiday, and we are looking forward to his full recovery and to enjoying his future home and many more holidays with him at C. C. Young.

May 2016

Thank you! We have been honored to have.. Continued here…

April 2016

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to everyone at C.C.Young. This past summer my mother in-law, Marion Elrod, moved into the Blanton from an independent living facility. Continued here…

March 2016

Just want to reconfirm that we have use of the Activity Room on Sunday, May 1, all afternoon (including time to decorate and clean up) for Mom’s birthday party…Continued here…

January 2016

Subject: Recommendation to all artists

I have had the privilege of showing my art at The Point Gallery at CC Young. Although I’m not a resident there, it is a wonderful venue for any artist. They have…Continued here…

December 2015

To the Nurses, Nurses’ Aides and others who help… Thank you all very, very much for the manys ways you helped me. Continued here…

On my last weekend at Rehab Floor, I leave my wonder caregivers at 3rd Floor sadly, because everybody has been so wonderful… Continued here…

Melonie Magruder, November 12, 2015

My sweet mother, Patsy Magruder, has been living in the Cove for a few years now. I have always been very happy with your staff, who all seem uniformly to be kind, caring people.

But I have been especially grateful for your Activities Director Aaron Schmidt. Aaron has gone out of his way to arrange for me to Skype with Mom, which I know is not very convenient during his busy day. On her birthday recently, Aaron arranged so that Mom, dressed in her birthday finest, and wearing a birthday candle headdress, could Skype with me here in California and my sister in Germany.

Thanks to the magic of technology, and Aaron’s kind attentions, we were able to see Mom, tell her we love her and see her smile – all from several thousand miles away! Of course, her appreciation of it was fleeting, but Aaron is unfailingly upbeat, positive, gentle and loving to my mother.

Congratulations on finding such a compassionate individual who goes above and beyond when it comes to caring for your residents. And thank you.

November 2015

Dear Russell,
As you know, last Friday morning I did a foolish thing, carrying in across the Overlook driveway, a large photo which obscured the sight of the curb and that did me in.

There is however a benefit to this experience on my part. It has made me realize what a wonderful help it is to live here at CC Young. Continued here…

As I sat in my wheelchair for the extraordinary and heart warming flag ceremony yesterday, I realized why I am so pleased with my decision to come to CC Young. Continued here…

June 2015

Dear All of CC Young family, I have been here for fifteen days and each day has been better than the day before. Continued here…

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