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‘Granny Tax’ Legislation Targets Dallas Area Seniors

C. C. Young Announces New Integrated Transitional Living Center, The Vista, Slated for Summer 2018 Completion

Infinity Pharmacy Solutions Named Preferred Pharmacy Services Provider for C. C. Young

C. C. Young announces a screening of Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style in partnership with PS Lifestyle

11/23/2015 C. C. Young’s “Young Strikers” Super-Elite Wii Bowling Teams Win 2 Conference Championships and 1 National Championship

GEDCC Economic Summit Report 2015

11/2015 C. C. Young Sculpture Pavilion – Architectural Preview

11/2015 C. C. Young Blanton Commons Renovations – Architectural Preview

11/2015 C. C. Young Healthcare Center – Architectural Preview

9/15/2015 C. C. Young Announces Enrich Life! Programming In Partnership with the Dallas Arboretum

9/15/2015 Jerry Farrington Named Honorary Chair for 4th Annual C. C. Young Classic Golf Tournament

9/10/2015 C.C. Young Announces September 2015 Lecture Series Speakers and Art Gallery Show

8/27/2015 C.C. Young Announces Dedication of New Sculpture Pavilion on Dallas Campus

1/20/2015C.C. Young Resident Celebrates 105th Birthday!

1/2015 C.C. Young Starts the Year Off with a BANG!


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