Key Staff

Key Staff

Executive Committee

Russell Crews: President and Chief Executive Officer
Denise Aver-Phillips: Vice President, Community Outreach
Sharon Ballew: Vice President, Development (Fundraising)
Kevin Maloney: Vice President, Hospitality
Valerie Meletio: Chief Financial Officer
Teresa Whittington: Vice President, Clinical/Continuum Operations
Chris Zinkand: Vice President, Administration


Chastity L. Barnes: Administrator, Assisted Living & Adult Day Center
Dr. Don R. Benton: Pastoral Care Coordinator
Raul Cabello: Director, Environmental Services
Shannon Critchlow: Manager, Volunteers & Transportation Experience
Grady Goodwin, MD: Medical Director, The Clinic at C. C. Young
Dr. Rui Benevides: Medical Director
Jennifer Griffin: Director, Communications & Public Relations
Constance Grigerek Director, Nursing
Stacy Hitt: Administrator, Independent Living
James Long: Director, Dining Services
Brian Parman: Director of The Point & Pavilion
David Pennybacker: Administrator, Health Center
Dess Rolfe: Resident Advocate
Pastor Kellie Sanford: Pastoral Care Chaplain
Dr. Raelynn Scott: Hospice Chaplain
Theresa Cline: Clinic Nurse, LVN
Larry Teeter: Controller
Shana Thompson: Assistant Administrator, Assisted Living/Memory Care
Paula Williams: Administrator, Home Healthcare, Home Services & Hospice

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